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The best way to help improve your oral health is to be diligent in your daily home care routine. At Southern Oregon Periodontics we have compiled a protocol for our periodontal patients. This includes the use of antiseptic pastes and rinses. Below you will find details about recommended tools and products.

Home Care Instructions


Proper Brushing minimizes the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Brush at least twice a day with a soft toothbrush. Brush for 2 minutes.

Brushing instructions:

On inner and outer surface brush at a 45 degree angle in circular motions.

  1. On chewing surface hold brush flat and brush back and forth with light pressure.

  2. On inside surface of front teeth, tilt brush vertically and use gentle up and down strokes with tip of toothbrush

  3. Brush the tongue gently in a back to front sweeping motion to remove food particles and freshen your breath

  4. The most important thing is thoroughly covering all surfaces of the teeth. Duration is not the key; it is the effectiveness of your brushing. If you effectively brush it should take about 2 minutes to cover all surfaces.

  5. Extra focus is needed on lower inside of molars & behind each molar. Both are awkward areas & are easily missed. If necessary an end tuft toothbrush can be a helpful tool.


  1. Tear off a piece of floss that is around 18 inches in length.

  2. Wind floss around middle finger on one hand and around middle finger of opposite hand.

  3. Ease floss between teeth (do not push hard), clean up and down several times, while curving around teeth at gum line.

Tooth Pastes: Again we are looking for tooth pastes that will aid in killing the bacteria associated with periodontal disease. We recommend Crest Pro-health Clinical Gum Protection (active ingredient Stannous Fluoride) or Colgate total (active ingredient Triclosan). If looking for a more natural product; Tooth & Gums Paste by Dental Herb Company is a great option. (found online or in our office)

There are other tooth pastes for patients experiencing sensitivity. They can be great but wouldn’t be meant for long term use. Sensodyne & Sensodyne Pro Enamel builds increasing protection against painful sensitivity when used daily. Clinpro 5000 prescription toothpaste delivers more fluoride, helps strengthen enamel and contains calcium and phosphate, which are components naturally found in saliva. Squigle Tooth builder is a natural alternative that contains the tri-calcium phosphates but with out the fluoride.

Anti-Microbial Rinses: This type of rinse helps reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth, unlike the fluoride rinses that fight tooth decay. We recommend one of the following; Crest Pro-health, Listerine Antiseptic, Under the Gums Irrigant by Dental Herb Company or GSE (Grape fruit seed extract diluted in water), Act Advanced care (must be the advanced care).

*There are many oral hygiene aids available at pharmacies (Wal-mart, Safeway, Bi Mart, Fred Meyer’s etc), some examples of these are:

Water flosser: Waterpik makes a great water flosser. It can be one of our most beneficial tools if used daily. You can fill the reservoir with warm water & one cap full of the mouth rinses recommended. The regular tip is to be used between every tooth at a comfortable setting. Never aim this tip at a downward angle into the gums. However, if recommended the perio pocket tip can be used to access those deeper pockets, by angling down into those pockets. It must be used only at the lowest setting – setting 2 at highest. ( Can be found at our office, Costco, Walmart, & Target- but the best deal is at our office or Costco.)

Proxy Brushes/ Go betweens: Are another hygiene aid that come in straight and tapered sizes. If spaces between teeth are wider or more open these little brushes can be more effective than flossing. You can try dipping it in mouth rinse to deliver antibacterial properties to the areas most necessary.

Xylitol: A product that is getting some great reviews is Xylitol. It is a naturally sugar free sweetener that works by helping to break down the biofilm that the bacteria create. There are studies that show it reduces plaque & calculus as well as the incidence of cavities. It can be found in gums, mints, artificial sweetener. The recommended dosage is 5-6gm per day. More extensive information about Xylitol can be found at . Two of the companies that we have found that produce it are: Spry mints or gum (which can be found in health food stores) or ICE CHIPS candy/mints( found at Fred Meyers & Craft Warehouse).

Water Flosser Instructions:

Fill reservoir of Water Flosser about ½ way with warm water. Add 1 cap mouth rinse to the water (such as Crest Pro-health or Listerine Antiseptic or GSE (5-8 drops).

Using regular tip at a medium-high setting, aim the tip straight through between each tooth. Hold that position for about 3 seconds between each tooth.

Then using the perio pocket tip at a low setting only (level 1), aim the tip down into the gum tissue at areas indicated on your report. Hold that position for about 3-5 seconds.

Follow with your normal 2 minute brushing.

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