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Chun-Han Chou - "CH" was born in Taiwan, but has lived in the United States since the age of 3. He spent his early years in Delaware, before pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Psychology at Duke University. He went on to obtain his Doctor of Dental Surgery at University of North Carolina where he graduated with distinction, having been a frequent Dean's List member and the co-author of "Current Trends in Immediate Osseous Dental Implant Case Selection Criteria," the first student-written paper ever to be accepted for publication by the Journal of Dental Education. Realizing his desire to focus and refine his understanding of Dentistry, Dr. Chou was selected for a residency at The Ohio State University where he received his Masters of Science in Dentistry and a Certificate in Periodontology. His masters thesis was published in the Journal of Dental Research. Awarded a Certificate of Merit by the American Academy of Oral Medicine and an Associate Fellowship by the World Clinical Laser Institute, Dr. Chou also maintains membership in the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Periodontology. He operates his private practice, Southern Oregon Periodontics and has been part-time faculty at Rogue Community College. Dr. Chou is excited and grateful for the opportunity to use his God given talents in service to the community of this beautiful Rogue Valley.

Southern Oregon Periodontics


Promoting Health & Harmony


 a dentist that specializes in the tissue and bone surounding the teeth.

Dr. Chou DDS, MS

office waiting area with Asian-inspired design

Dr. Chou is committed to providing patients with conscientious evidence-based treatment utilizing the latest dental technology.


Dr. Chou's Community  Involvement


Mission of Mercy participant providing free dental care


Continual supporter of Southern Oregon Sparrow Clubs


2013 Winner of Dancing with the Rogue Valley Stars


Supporter of community theatre & occasional actor with Collaborative Theatre Project




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